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kids unfiltered

Being from Kansas, according to us Kansans, we do not have accents.  I recently moved to Arkansas and according to Arkansans I have a northern accent – or as some here would say, a ‘yankee’ accent.  Tracy is from Arkansas, the south, and according to me she has a southern accent (a cute accent).  Which is where this short story takes place.

Tracy came to Topeka this weekend.  My whole family was here – parents, sisters, nieces, and nephew.  When my nephew who is almost nine years old, met Tracy he was very polite in saying hello to her but really didn’t interact with her too much the first day or so.  After studying and listening to Tracy talk and noticing the obvious accent she has my nephew finally asked a questioned which I’m sure had been bouncing around in his head for the past couple days.  His unfiltered, honest question was, “So, are you from Italy or Australia?”  When he asked this we all just started laughing very hard.  I love the innocence of kids; and unfortunately, normally at the worst possible moments I am just as unfiltered as my awesome nephew.  But his question will rank as one of the funniest questions I’ve heard in a long, long, long time.  Merry Christmas, and put another shrimp on the barby.

Wine – an Australian wine I recommend:  Barwang; a shiraz which is both fruity and oaky which will more than satisfy both cab and merlot lovers.

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Ok, so I’ve had the absolute best intentions in trying to get on this blog to write some of my meandering thoughts, but with the busy-ness of the holidays it has definitely eaten into my ability to type…I mean I can still type, but my ability to get to the computer…well, I mean I can still walk to and open up my laptop, but my ability to sit down and…forget it; you know what I mean.

But on my drive from Little Rock to Topeka I was able to write down my thoughts on what I will blog about soon.  Some of my upcoming blogs will be: nearly leaving Little Rock, the church plant I’m involved with in Little Rock, Theology on the Rocks, essays I’m writing, worldviews, differing political backgrounds and continuing dialogue with friends and of course good recommendations on cheese, beer, wine, and cigars.  Until soon,

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.  -Desiderius Erasmus

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Welcome to my world

So I’m going to enter the world of blogging.  I’m wondering if it’s from a narcissistic-desire, a reflective-desire, or some other multi-syllable-word-desire.  Well, either way I’ll begin…but not today.  I want to do some reading more than set up/type on a blog, so check back later to see what I write…if so desired. 

veni vidi vici


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