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awfully delayed…about that word awful..

Ok, so I’ve been prodded by enough people via email, blog, facebook and the old-fashioned way of face to face interaction to start blogging more regularly so I shall only so as to lessen the chance of getting a brick through my window with a note attached from Guido saying, ‘blog more or else.’

To tease you a bit about the next blog I’ll have up (of when I make no promises so as not to be held accountable)…consider the following words and their current meanings versus their original intended meanings.  The reason behind this post (and the upcoming post) is that as we move away from the original intent of words oftentimes we lazily substitute and obfuscate the words we choose and use and eventually the words lose their weight.

You might say, “what’s the big deal?  It’s only semantics.”  Maybe it is, but maybe it is something bigger that is quite telling about our culture.  Maybe there is something to what Dante said, “And the true fruit shall follow on the flower.”   But you know what?  You can disagree with me and that’s ok.  Instead of “we’ll have to agree to disagree” which stops the conversation let’s move to “good men can disagree” which keeps the conversation going. (“good men can disagree” credit goes to Mike Metzger who is a brilliant theologian and an all around great guy)

I’ll get you started on the first word and see if you can track with my line of thought and then you can consider the other words and their current meaning versus their original intent.  If you have a business background you’ll probably be familiar with some of these.

awful –

current meaning – extremely disagreeable, objectionable

original intent – full of awe, inspiring

Example – A couple years ago I was talking to my cousin about this word and asked her how she would feel if I said she was awful.  She predictable said she would slap me, but as to avoid the slap I quickly told her the original intent of the word and she said she much preferred the original intent.











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