calcio, and an open mind

17 May

I have had no time to blog recently because of the crazy-busyness of coaching soccer that is ramping up, and slightly down, the past couple weeks and still continues for the next two weeks.  Today my girls (girls I coach, I have no children of my own) played great in the President’s Cup, but unfortunately were not able to advance out of group play.  In two weeks I’ll take my boys team (again, boys I coach, I still have no children of my own) up to Bentonville for State Cup and we have a great chance at winning state which would then send us to North Carolina (I think that’s where it is this year) for regionals. We’ll see what happens in two weeks.

In the meantime if you’re looking for thoughts from this ‘heretic’ I’ll let you chew on this…it’s regarding how I view my theology in deconstructing my past theology and allowing it morph into new ideas for my current theology. It’s not saying that any one thought I have is right or wrong, but it allows me to come to a more full understanding of how I view my God…who is probably your God too…in a roundabout way.

This passage is from Leslie Newbigin’s “Proper Confidence” – the first part of the passage is from Polanyi’s “Personal Knowledge” the second is from “Proper Confidence”.

“But this does not make our understanding subjective. Comprehension is neither an arbitrary act nor a passive experience, but a responsible act claiming universal validity.  Such knowledge is indeed objective in the sense of establishing contact with a hidden reality, contact that is defined as the condition for anticipating an indeterminate range of as yet unknown (and perhaps yet inconceivable) true implications.  It seems reasonable to describe this fusion of the personal and the objective as personal knowledge. (Polanyi, Personal Knowledge, pp. vii-viii)

Polanyi’s concern was to alert the scientific community to a danger which, if not faced, would destroy it.  But his thinking has obvious relevance to the subject of this essay.  In the debate which goes on among religious people about the respective roles of faith and doubt in the search for certainty, Polanyi invites us to consider whether we are not operating with an entirely false and deceptive idea of certainty.  It is the dominance in the public mind of this false and illusory ideal of certainty which hopelessly confuses the debate among Christians about the certainty of their faith.”

These passages talk about the whole of religious ideas in regards to the Christian faith but for me it helps with the deconstruction of different ideas (ideas mentioned in previous posts in my blog) which in the past I held as an absolute necessity in my faith to believe otherwise my faith might unravel.  Looking at how I no longer hold some of these ideas as absolute necessities I relish the fact that my faith is still in tact and not unraveled and I would also like to believe it is stronger than ever. It’s not complete, but it’s better.

“If we allow the Bible to be that which we attend to above all else, we will be saved from two dangers: The first is the danger of the closed mind.  The Bible leaves an enormous space for exploration. … The second is the danger of the mind open at both ends, the mind which is prepared to entertain anything but has a firm hold of nothing.”  How are you reading the Bible? I would hope with an ability to read a fresh version that moves us beyond unquestioned traditions.

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