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which way?

“Jesus at one point claimed to be “the way, the truth, and the life”.  Jesus was not making claims about one religion being better than all other religions.  That completely misses the point, the depth, and the truth.  Rather, he was telling those who were following him that his way is the way to the depth of reality.  This kind of life Jesus was living, perfectly and completely in connection and cooperation with God, is the best possible way for a person to live.  It is how things are.”

Velvet Elvis, Rob Bell

cigar suggestion – I had a Padron Maduro 6000 on Friday and this is a quality cigar.  It’s smooth and has a very rich flavor but not too rich.  It has a nice smooth finish as well.  Around $8. (It would be more around $5 except for the ridiculous new state and federal taxes.)

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under an influence

I thought this was an interesting article. Regardless of your political leanings it can shed light on what it takes to be an influence in our culture.  (and I’m still struggling at changing links to cozy little names that are underlined for your clicking convenience- so just copy and paste the link).  Enjoy.

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