Four Musketeers or Amigos

07 Jul

There are three guys who if you don’t know them already you should get to know them.  Tad DeLay – on my blog roll, John Hardin – on my blog roll, and Ryan Byrd – soon to be on my blog roll.   If you don’t know these three guys you should because they’re awesome.  They’re good friends of mine and have been great to grab a brew and cigar with and muse on our theology, politics, current events; and with John why the Royals are superior to his cardinals.  I’m definitely happy I’ve met these guys since I moved down here to Little Rock.  No man-crush going on here just three cool dudes who are great guys.

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One response to “Four Musketeers or Amigos

  1. The Wes Gazette

    July 14, 2009 at 19:55

    Well that’s pretty darn nice of you Derek.


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