The Discovery of a Definition to be Revealed.

30 Jul

This is something I wrote in 2006 (with a few recent revisions) that I think is pertinent still today in relation to some of my evolving theological beliefs.

What more is out there?  What can I discover?  What do I need to discover?  What needs to discover me?  Will a discovery satisfy the discontent?  What type of lens will I be looking through to see what has discovered me?  Will that discovery define me, or merely shape me?  Does my relationship with others define me?  Or does my interaction within relationships define me?  Or is it merely a definition in their mind inverse to my interpreted definition?  How does the world define me?  Is it wealth that defines me to the world?  Is it the amount of goods I accumulate that fills in the blank entry of the definition?  Do I need to consume to keep up?  By what yardstick am I measured?  Is it wrong to judge others?  I believe it is not. I will to not judge condescendingly. If I lack judgment will that not breed apathy?  Will not the apathy then suppress the desire of discovering?  As Dain says, “I prefer to walk between the raindrops”. The rain falling down my face as I dance will give a reflection to others of the discovery of my definition. The discovery.  I dream that the discovery will be a crystal clear reflection resembling Maroon Bells – it will reflect my inner desires.  But the discovery is not the end all. There is more; believe you me there is more…and it is also out there waiting to be discovered, or maybe I have already discovered it and it is waiting to be revealed…so now the pendulum swings to the revelation…

light filtering through

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