all cuddly in the ghetto

16 Sep

Here’s a snippet of a couple conversations with good friends on facebook recently and a possible conversation between a ‘christian’ and God. (to clarify, the possible conversation is definitely not a reflection of the people I had the actual conversations with (those friends asked me questions which I further clarified with my comments) but rather about christians in general who are firmly and staunchly planted in the christian ghetto and say repeatedly, I can’t wait to be in heaven and off of this wretched earth.)

status: Just like Christ rebuked the Pharisees, who would Christ rebuke if he were here today?…

me:  The motivation of my original status…I was reading Matthew 23 and verses 13-36 kindof stood out with those who I respect who are challenging peoples’ paradigms (mclaren, pagitt, bell, etc) but get called heretics by other christians. just my four half-pennies for the day. 🙂

friend:  Why is it a big deal that other Christians call them heretics if they bad mouth other Christians themselves?

me:  I think I phrased that poorly. They’re not challenging people directly – they’re (McLaren, Bell, etc) are writing their views on theology and sometimes it indirectly challenges conventional and fundamentalists’ views on theology. In fact, McLaren, and Bell, repeatedly say that if what they write is ‘upsetting’ to them then it’s better for the reader not to read what they write. Plus, name-calling just isn’t the best way to emulate Christ.

So what’s the point of my little rant and my friend’s honest question? Well, here’s another thread from a conversation I had with another friend at nearly the same time.

me: “I think a lot of people up until recently have primarily focused on an after-life faith and ensuring that we have a fire-insurance policy so we don’t burn as sinners in the hands of an angry God. Edwards is just one I picked on, unfairly, b/c of his famous sermon that speaks about sinners going to hell and burning forever (some would disagree with his view of hell let alone the attitude of the sermon). In the south, as you are, primarily what I hear from ‘christians’ is how non-X’s need to turn or burn. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t respond well to threats.

I think we should hold our views of hell and heaven with great respect but in addition God cares about the earth that he created, ‘your kingdom your will be done, ON EARTH as it is in heaven is often forgotten. So we need to align our focus with bringing God’s kingdom to earth. There’s a prominent sign on I-30 that says, “Warning, Prepare to Meet God.” That sign, I believe does more harm than good for God. Chris acted with love. He didn’t chastise the prostitute, nor rebuke many people other than the pharisees…who in my opinion are just like (some) modern day Christians….

yeah, that’s why I was saying I unfairly lumped Edwards in with the comment. I’ve read commentaries on the sermon, but not the actual sermon – it’s actually more that some people I come in contact with here in Little Rock that have misplaced the focus…but that’s a haughty statement for me to make b/c it makes it sound like I have it all figured out’ which I definitely don’t. 🙂 It just discourages me when people pass off culture and the earth as ‘bad’. God created it and us and loves everything in it.”

So now again, what’s the point of all of what I just copied and pasted?  I believe that sometimes we as Christians lie to ourselves (sometimes inadvertently) about what matters and try to advance ourselves to heaven and in doing so we do more to destruct God’s kingdom here on earth.  In essence we’re saying, “To hell with earth!” which could be construed as, “God I don’t give a damn about what you created (the earth) I just want to get away from it all and be all cuddly with you in the Christian ghetto.”

God’s question in response might be: “what about your fellow man?”

you: “to hell with him, I want to be cuddly in the ghetto.”

God: “and hunger?”

you: “to hell with it, I want to be cuddly in the ghetto.”

God: “and poverty?”

you: “to hell with it, I want to be cuddly in the ghetto.”

God: and the Earth which I created?

you: “to hell with it, I want to be cuddly in the ghetto.”

God: “Really? So you’re almost like a gnostic?  Ok.  I need a drink. Jesus get in here; and bring some water with you to make some wine!”

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One response to “all cuddly in the ghetto

  1. Theodore A. Jones

    October 23, 2009 at 23:01

    ‘Who would Christ Rebuke if He were here Today”? He already has.
    “Thou preparest a table before Me in the presence of mine enemies.” Since the only table around today in common use, the Lord’s table, sits right down front center of every “Christian” church. One plus one, bulls eye. Jesus nailed it. The Lord never says anything that is not true. And even thought we know what he says is true it is very important for us to know why what he said is true. Think about this. Those gifts God gives to the people who are born again of God. Those gifts are only given to signify that the message the people heard and obeyed is the true revelation from God given to the Lord’s apostles. This message I am talking about teaches some very important facts about Jesus crucifixion that are very different from what the men and now women teach in those churches where the Lord’s table sits today. As a matter of fact the message taught to you today is entirely different. So extremely different that it is opposite thing you need to hear to be born again of God. But it is not just hearing the right message that is the important thing. The really important thing is obeying this particular message to save your life. The apostle Paul said the same thing I am saying to you.

    “It is not those who hear the law who are righteous
    in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who
    will be declared righteous.” Rom. 2:13

    Law?” What law!?” you might ask. There is something very important for you to know and it is something you never ever hear about in any of those churches were the Lord’s table sits.

    “The law was ADDED so that THE trespass might increase. Rom. 5:20

    This same truth is written in Heb. 7:12b. A change to God’s law was made after Jesus
    crucifixion, And this truth is ultra important. For if this change had not been made to the law of God it would be impossible for you to escape from the penalty of eternal death. Impossible!
    For a long time ago God stated an oath and you can read it in Gen. 9:5 NIV. And by this binding oath upon God himself there are two very important things God bound to himself. The first rule is that no man’s LIFE can be taken by bloodshed for a reason or no reason and God will always in every case demand an account directly to him for taking a man’s LIFE by bloodshed. The second rule is like the first but there is a difference. God bound himself in the future to requiring an account from each man too by one man’s LIFE that has been taken by bloodshed.

    “And from EACH man too, I will
    demand an accounting for the
    LIFE of his fellow man.” Gen. 9:5c NIV

    And after Jesus’ crucifixion God changed his law and added the word Repent and made it a sin if you don’t confess directly to God that you are sorry God’s son, Jesus, LIFE was taken by bloodshed. These things you have learned are the keys into the kingdom of the Living God who is the farther of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    If you have the faith as small as a mustered seed and obey God’s law this Way all you sins will be forgiven and one or more of those spiritual gifts will be given to you to prove what I said to you is true.


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