Midrash, Film Night

01 Oct

One of the nation’s, if not world’s, most provocative movie producers is touching an extremely volatile third rail in his newest movie,  \”Capitalsm, A Love Story\”.

In this movie Moore asks tough questions about our nation’s economic system and also proposes that some people hold capitalism in the same regards, if not higher, than their religion. Considering Moore’s other movies (“Sicko”, “Fahrenheit 9/11”, and “Bowling For Columbine”) this promises to be a very compelling movie.

How important is capitalism to you? How important is capitalism to our nation? Should capitalism be the economic system of our nation? How does capitalism affect our religious beliefs? Can you be a Christian and be a capitalist?  These questions and others will be discussed when we get together after the movie.

The exact start time for the evening is not officially set yet because Market Street Cinema has not released the show times for the movie. The plan is to watch the movie and then discuss it as a group afterward. We’ll either discuss the movie in Market Street Cinema or mosey a couple blocks east to Java Roasting Company.  Check out the blog for when we’ll meet at Market Street Cinema.

Come on out, grab a brew (yes, Market Street Cinema serves wine and beer!), share your view, and lend an ear to others’.

How Important is Capitalism To You?

How Important is Capitalism To You?

…midrash, commentary on culture

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