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Evacuate the Evacuation Theology

I tweeted this, and I posted it on facebook, and now I’m posting it on my blog b/c I think it’s an excellent article.

Evacuation Theology

Succinctly written that we’re not just passing through to heaven. Create heaven on earth 4 others. Excellent paragraph on why not to solely have an “evacuation theology.”

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from the wes gazette

This is a post from a good friend of mine and co-leader of Eikon Church, John Hardin.  I say this b/c I am very happy that as a new church some of eikon’s first appropriated financial resources are going towards providing for the homeless and not finding or building a new church building. This is not meant as a big ol’ pat on the back or ‘atta boy, but instead if you read John’s post (link included below) he completely expresses my point of view on the new monstrosity of a church building to be built in Dallas.

Mega-churches and Luckenback, TX

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The Four “R’s”.

Re-sponsible, Re-mold, Re-create, Re-deem.

My blog is therapeutic for me in many instances. It helps me process different theological thoughts that are bouncing around in my head.  In a way it’s recreation for me. Recreation in its origins means to re-create. To make something a-new that has changed.

Many things on our earth, which were either created directly by God or created by God’s creation – man, have changed from their original intent .  Institutions, organizations, politics, art, education, medicine, healthcare, the planet and so many other things have gone adrift from people “in charge” who felt no obligation to be held responsible (able to respond) to a higher truth than their own selfish pursuits. (Tragedy of the Commons)  We’re co-creators with God and with each of our own kingdoms we need to be able to: be re-sponsable, re-mold, re-create, and re-deem what was meant to bring glory to God.

Last night I had a great evening out with Tad talking about life and theology over nachos, fine malt beverages, and a very tasty Rocky Patel cigar (it was their decade series, box press, and I highly recommend it!).  My life right now is consumed with work, travel, and soccer; and last night was re-creation for me during a time of crazy busy-ness.  So all this to say that as these thoughts keep bouncing around in my head I will be more regular at posting some of these thoughts. I just sometimes need a good strong cup of mental coffee to keep me regular.

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blogroll…officially gone…durnit

In changing themes it seems I have lost my blogroll option; I’d love to be able to pimp your blog but I guess I can’t.  Hopefully I’ll find a way to get them back on my blog but for now my apologies go to:




Eikon Church

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so happy together

I think I have everything linked together…kinda cool…kinda scary…but at least y’all can keep up with what’s going on now in my world via almost every possible connection.

iPhone – check

twitter – check

facebook – check

blog – check

life outside of technology – …will have to get back to you on that one…

But for now – go enjoy some good food, good beer, good wine, and a good smoke…might I recommend a nice Padron or Rocky Patel, The Edge specifically.

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