too much of a good thing…

10 Dec

can be too much, obviously. It’s cliche, it’s tired, it’s trite, but it’s also true.

So last night I had a Rocky Patel Battalion.  The Battalion is much like The Edge Corojo, but bigger – almost twice as big.  I’ve had several of this cigar before but I’m starting to think that with this cigar too much of a good thing isn’t good.  For example I absolutely love orange juice, have loved it my whole life and I’ll drink it all day long – think Michael P. Keaton – but one time during high school I got quite a bit carried away with screwdrivers (we’ll save the blog regarding underage drinking for another day) but after that bingeful night I couldn’t drink or even smell orange juice for several months.  My mother even started to notice and would comment but I just tried to pass it off as a stage. Haha

Back to the Battalion…so I bought this Battalion in NW AR and lit it up when I was sitting at a local saloon in Little Rock as a toast to myself for a very good day in sales.  Now last night very well could’ve been an anomaly; it could’ve been a combination of: I was tired from driving back from NW AR, or what I had eaten before getting to the local saloon, or even the pairing of the beer I was drinking while smoking the cigar, but last night I felt like I was trying to smoke two Rock Patel The Edge Corojos (second favorite cigar) at once.  It was just too much of a good thing. So that’s all I have for now, but just wanted to pass along some thoughts on the Battalion. I’ll keep smoking it and see if my attitude on it changes…it probably will.  Overall, it’s a good smoke, but I’ll spread out the goodness by just buying two The Edge Corojos and smoking them separately.

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