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eikon church – confessional booth series

If you’re looking for a faith community that values your religious perspective Eikon Church is a church you should check out.  We’re going through a series in which we are confessing things to each other about our individual lives in the wider world, and we’re confessing things as a church about our communal lives in the wider world.  It is also a series where we’re going through our core values and sharing what values guide our course as a church.  This coming Sunday will be our third week in the series.  (the post below is from Eikon’s website.)

Eikon Church – confessional booth

home sweet home: announcing our new meeting space Posted by Ryan Byrd 02.08.2010 8:54 am

confessional booth

several days ago we made the exciting announcement that this coming sunday, february 14, we’ll be kicking off weekly gatherings. we’ll begin this new phase of our community with a series called confessional booth that will take a look at the guiding theologies of our church. think eikon meets postsecret. it should be a really great time to learn about this thing called eikon and connect with a new faith community.

as promised, we’ve got a few new details to share between now and then and this is the biggest. we’re incredibly excited to announce that after meeting in temporary spaces for the past several months, we have a new, (semi-)permanent home. since the inception of eikon in mid-2009, we’ve built a relationship with r street community church and have begun the process of finding ways to build partnerships with them in order to better connect with little rock. so, just as any other good friend does, r street is letting crash on their proverbial couch for a little while. 🙂

so, beginning this sunday, our new meeting space will be at r street community church’s building, located on the corner of r st. and university ave. in the midtown/heights area. it will be more than sufficient for our growing community and should be a great space until we transition into our own space in the late summer/early fall.

one of the things we’re particularly excited about with this new space is the fully functional children’s areas. whereas we’ve been limited with our childrens’ activities due to our previous meeting spaces, this new space will allow for us to begin to fully realize our commitment to families with children. so, if you have children, know that your child(ren) will have a space committed to them with competent and caring workers.

we’d love for you to partner with us in getting the word out and making this a big night. so, feel free to forward this blog post on to friends, twitter it, post it on facebook or—as crazy as this sounds—have an actual real life conversation with friends and coworkers. 🙂

see you on sunday, february 14 at 6 p.m. for confessional booth!

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whew, what a technological cluster…. and random musings

Computer and social media this past week have both been the bane of my existence but also one form of allowing me to breathe through connectivity to the wider world via my fingertips.

My issues this week:

– My pc was out of commission for a week – it got old, fast, to view the web on my iPhone. I also had to work on the Theology on the Rock discussion the old fashion way – pen and paper. Crazy!

– I was de-friended by a “friend” I had never met and I know why he de-friended me. I kinda wanted it to happen by pushing the envelope by commenting on his facebook posts and seeing how far I could go with what I said (not disrespectful; always truthful) and in his eyes I’m sure he thought I was a universalist – he was a hard-core fundamentalist.

– my twitter account was hacked and I guess I was sending out some pretty kinky offers to all of my followers. It ended up being funny but damn I had a good password and ended up having to change it. The result of the hack was by stupidity on my part.

So this next week is going to be pretty busy…well the weekend is pretty laid back but next Thursday Tracy and I are heading to Colorado for some skiing! I’ve been skiing nearly every year since I was 4 and I absolutely love it. Tracy has never been skiing before in her life…this should be interesting. I’m a coach for 16 year old boys in soccer but I can yell at them if need be…that might not go over so well with my better half.

I’m slowly diving into McLaren’s new book, “A New Kind of Christianity”.  I say slowly only because the past week, or so, has been a bit busy but I anticipating it being a theological thrill a minute book…for me…if only I could find a way for my de-friending friend to read it with an open mind…but I know that would never happen. He’s probably the one who put up the sign on I-30 that reads, “Warning: Prepare to Meet God.” (jk…kinda…not really, but yeah really)

Also, I’ll be working on a new theme for my blog…actually I’ll be working on picking a new theme, not creating a theme. It’s bugging me that I don’t have Tad, Ryan, John, Kimberly, Todd, McLaren, etc on my blogroll anymore for your easy clicking pleasure.

I’m also becoming very excited…although it’s still a ways off, for our business trip to Cozumel.  My company’s owners are rewarding us, the sales reps, for hitting our 2009 goal by flying us all to Cozumel and putting us up at an all-inclusive resort. During that week you’ll find me on the beach smoking cigars and drinking beer and not much else besides jumping into the ocean/sea. All I will be packing is my swimsuit, a cigar cutter and matches. It’ll be glorious!  Plus if TSA frisks me it won’t take long. In all honesty I will be blogging during that week and will supply pictures via twitter about God’s beautiful creation.

Ok, that’s all for now. Try to keep up as I will be blogging more regular now that I have my pc back and it’s going to be a fast ride into summer! But a great one! Cheers!

Two beer recommendations: both are made by Choc Beer Company (@ChocBeerCo). Their pale ale is my second overall favorite (behind Schlafly Pale Ale @Schlafly).  It’s nice and hoppy but not overly hoppy and has the right amount of bitter to make it extra tasty. Their flagship beer (the box says 1919 on it) is also a very tasty beer. It’s a typical lager and a cross between a wheat beer and a hefeweizen. Very smooth and very tasty.


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“Goodbye Ward & June”; American Family Values


Not everybody is political, artistic, an intellectual, or in to pop culture, but everybody has, or has had, a family. Come on out and discuss if the family is a good thing or if the family is still a relevant entity in today’s wired world.

“Goodbye Ward & June”; American Family Values. What does the American family look like today? Is there a norm for what families look like? Should there be a norm? Single-parent family, homosexual-parent families, broken families. Are families important…are they even relevant today?

Discussion free and open to absolutely everybody. Come on out, grab a brew, give your view, and lend an ear to others’.

Who: you and friends
What: Theology on the Rock
When: Wednesday (2/17), 7-9pm
Where: the oyster bar (3003 markham)
Why: because talking about these issues are fun and important

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