“Goodbye Ward & June”; American Family Values

14 Feb


Not everybody is political, artistic, an intellectual, or in to pop culture, but everybody has, or has had, a family. Come on out and discuss if the family is a good thing or if the family is still a relevant entity in today’s wired world.

“Goodbye Ward & June”; American Family Values. What does the American family look like today? Is there a norm for what families look like? Should there be a norm? Single-parent family, homosexual-parent families, broken families. Are families important…are they even relevant today?

Discussion free and open to absolutely everybody. Come on out, grab a brew, give your view, and lend an ear to others’.

Who: you and friends
What: Theology on the Rock
When: Wednesday (2/17), 7-9pm
Where: the oyster bar (3003 markham)
Why: because talking about these issues are fun and important

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One response to ““Goodbye Ward & June”; American Family Values

  1. Todd Erickson

    February 25, 2010 at 08:20

    It seems that a problem with this discussion within Christian circles is that we’ve been taught, doctrinally, that learned “absolutes” are far more important than current needs.

    So if thousands or millions of children wind up homeless and starving, that’s still better than if they had had the chance to be raised in a homosexual home, because even though all gathered evidence points to the contrary, they’d all wind up being evil hedonists possessed by the devil, or some such.

    There seems to be an attitude that only straight Christian parents can raise kids right, despite the fact that they’re given no more training on the subject than anybody else (often less, I suspect) and many of the Christians I know who grew up that way had fairly screwed up home lives. *shrug* But, everybody out there who grew up that way and whose experience was wonderful is going to assume that their experience is in fact normative, and that I’m just exaggerating…because they have to.


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