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Point/Counterpoint Series at Eikon Church

Come join us tomorrow night at Eikon Church (6pm, corner of R Street and University).  We’ll hear two points of view on the topic of homosexuality. We’ll hear from someone who believes it’s not a sin and also from someone who believes it is a sin. It’s going to be a great evening that allows for discussion of the space between.


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More Volatile Than Joan Rivers Standing too Close to a Microwave

Here’s a great blog-post from Jonathan McIntosh on the topic of homosexuality.  This pretty much nails it on the head with what I believe on this super-sensitive and divisive topic.  McIntosh also speaks to what I’ve reiterated in the past about homosexual acts being the same as any other sin but the religious right (I should probably clarify that by saying some fundamentalists – I’m technically part of the religious right…I digress) glorifies/magnifies it above other sins (lust, tax evasion, deceit, etc) and authentic love towards the homosexual community gets lost and replaced with hardly being tolerant.  I’m not even sure I like the act of being “tolerant” because tolerating also loses authentic love in it’s sights – “tolerating” something in my opinion is like a dog tolerating a toddler pulling on it’s tail; it’s hardly love…I’ll come back to that at some point later.

How Paul Addressed Homosexuality

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