What the World Cup Means to Us Die-hards

29 Jun

This is an email I sent last Friday to some friends about the World Cup…

Ok, so it’s almost 1:30am and I can’t sleep in anticipation of the big game tomorrow…ummm…today….ummm Saturday.  But I wanted to share what the World Cup means to so many of us who have literally put in concussions, torn ligaments, broken bones, heads to the goal post, slide burns, and big ol’ tears in heartbreaking losses, etc all in the name of soccer.  I remember starting out in high school and our first coach (it was not Tim Collins for those who know Tim) getting in a shouting match with the football team when they called us a bunch of queers – that was awesome – jk.  Of course back then the shorts had a ½ inch in-seam so that really didn’t help matters much…but I digress.  😉

Here’s a video that honestly is a bit of a tear jerker when you see all the reactions from people (mainly Americans) all across the world from Landon Donovan’s shot that went in (in stoppage time) in our game against Algeria to put us through to the knock-out round of 16 (our game today).  We might be done after playing Ghana, and that would honestly be a disappointment b/c we are a superior team and also b/c our side of the bracket lines up amazingly favorable for us to make it to the semi-finals…yes, I said the US of A could be in the semi-finals of the World Cup!!  But regardless, no matter when our last game is…against Ghana, or in the finals on July 11, each and every game I’ll continue to cheer on the U S of A and thankfully my nerves only have to go through this every 4 years…but I love every second of it!!

ps – the picture is of me when I played in college…back when I had hair!

Enjoy and cheer loud…and for all 90 minutes on Saturday!!

(this video will give you goosebumps!!)

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