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Social Media-Distortion – Where are my real friends?…coming soon…

During the chaos of  Christmas vacation when I’m enjoying my cold, white Christmas in Kansas I’ll be blogging about how social media is divisive, evil, and just plain naughty…ok, I won’t go that far, but I am going to tread on the thoughts of how social media can be divisive and hurt relationships parallel to the thought of social media being communal and inclusive.  The main vein will follow, “how much room do we have in our lives for all of our friends (biological and technological)?”  If you have thoughts that are related to this feel free to chime in and I’ll include them in the post (named or anonymous; your call).

I was also called out by a dear friend who shall remain nameless (Tad DeLay 😉 that I have not blogged in quite a while.  That will change soon.  I guess it’s mainly a matter of putting fingers to keyboard to hammer some thoughts out.

Enjoy today!

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Not So Silent Night/Too Much Sugar

Hey all, here’s another post from a former mentor of mine, Mike Metzger. Great post. Enjoy!

Is your Christmas too sugary sweet?

Mike Metzger


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