Get Your Loves In Line

14 Feb

So today is Valentine’s Day (my first as a married man…should I feel extra pressure???)   Today many of us will talk about and show our love to who is important to us – if we’re really bold we might even ask them to be our valentine – those pressure packed days in grade school were killers!

I’m not really for or against Valentine’s Day; part of me thinks it’s alot of fun – going out to an extra nice dinner with my wife, eating chocolates, drinking wine, giving gifts, etc, but another part of me reminds myself that it shouldn’t take a day pimped by card companies,  flower stores, and jewelry stores to show my wife that she is special and loved. I hope she knows that by me showing it to her daily – although I know that I am not perfect in showing her my love like I should all the time.  So actually, I guess I’m glad there is a Valentine’s Day because it is fun…(I just wish it didn’t fall on the same day KU plays our hated, over-hyped rivals, KSU in basketball, like it does this year – – – good grief (get it?…’good grief’…charlie brown…I digress).

Here’s a(nother) post from  Mike Metzger, String Theory, speaking about where we place, and how we order our desires and our delights – our loves.  With a little self-examination it can show how this even plays into the ones we love and how we love them. Metzger explains that it is ok to love everything we do in life, but if we love something too much it is idolatry; if we love something too little it’s ignorance because everything is created by God and is good (I Timothy 4: 4, 5). What matters is how we order what we love because what we love leads us to make the decisions we make every day.

“For when there is a question as to whether a man is good, one does not ask what he believes, or what he hopes, but what he loves.” – St. Augustine

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