Go ahead be “bored”, you’ll be better off.

03 May

while boredom might seem like this…

I now realize it might launch me into this…

…contemplative bliss.

For those who have ever said, “I’m bored”, you’re actually doing yourself a favor, but it might not be how, or why, you might think it to be true. Here’s another great post by Mike Metzger, The Benefits of Boredom. Mike shows us how boredom in its original meaning (and action) can allow us to embrace the paradoxes of our faith. (And yes, there are paradoxes within our faith – we can’t just dismiss things that seem to be counterintuitive to what other parts of the Bible says – but that’s for another post at another time.)

This post also tags along with my desire for us as a culture to be more intentional (specific) with the words we use everyday – example: You’re not eating a pickle, what we lazily call a pickle in actuality is a pickled cucumber. Another example: while what you’re wearing around your nether regions is called “underwear” in actuality so is the t-shirt you’re wearing under your dress-shirt and also your sweater that you’re wearing under your coat – considering today is supposed to be mid-70s in Arkansas if you’re wearing a sweater you probably have bigger concerns than what to call what you’re wearing.  I digress…enjoy the post.

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