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#RB11 and “The Color Orange”

Right now I’m sitting in the Bale Honda service center waiting on the diagnosis/estimate for the repairs on my car.  When I bought my car in 2009, the sales rep at Bale was a HUGE help in the disaster I experienced from Landers Jeep in Benton (never go there) but it seems like I’m here a little too often (other than for my oil change) for a 2008 Accord (a year old but close to 0 miles on it). But for my own mental-wellbeing I chalk that up to being on the road for 30,000+ miles per year. So, yesterday when Jeff and I…

Jeff and I at the KU game watching KU get blown out

…were traveling back from our awesome #RB11 (Reliving Bachelorhood 2011) weekend in Kansas

Jeff and I with our favorite cigar guy at Diebel's on the Plaza

our sustenance for the weekend

...more sustenance

...yes, more sustenance. Ya know, the necessities.

…which included amazing “guy-time” in leading off with ribs at Gates BBQ (pictured above) in playing NCAA 2011 on the PS3, enjoying good cigars (pictured above), seeing our buddy at our favorite cigar store at Diebel’s on the Plaza (pictured above), and then the debacle known as the Sunflower Showdown – KU being demolished by K-State, but we rebounded with more PS3, more cigars, more B&B, and more beer; and then on the drive home singing along to old country classics (neither of us like country music) that we could find on youtube on my phone and pipe into my car – things took a turn for the worse when Jeff selected some Abba, but we recovered by talking about football, power tools, and man caves for the remainder of the trip so as not to question our manliness.

Well, on the drive home I felt the familiar sputtering of the engine on my 2008 Honda Accord and knew I would be visiting Bale on Monday, which is where I sit right now. Fun times. 

I digress.  The other thing I wanted to include in this blog-post was a poignant quote that stood out to me in “The Color Orange”. “The Color Orange” is an ESPN film narrated by Kenny Chesney and is great story about crossing race boundaries in the South when the University of Tennessee had their first black quarterback – Condredge Holloway. I honestly can not stand racism and since I moved to Arkansas it’s even more prevalent and it’s disgusting to me. To judge somebody on the color of their skin just doesn’t make sense to me. If there needs to be judgment I prefer to judge people on the actions they knowingly choose to make rather than almost anything else.

The quote is from Lester McClain who was the first black player at the University of Tennessee.

“50 years is not a long time. Condredge helped this happen less than 50 yrs ago. An example how short 50 yrs can really be; my father was 50 years old when I was born. My father’s father was 50 yrs old when my father was born. My grandfather was born a slave. That’s how short it is. 50 yrs is not very long.”

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