About my abstract-linear thoughts that you’re about to subject yourself to reading.

I feel a bit compelled to fill in this box with some random ramblings.  Maybe it’s because whenever turning in my school tests I made sure that I had every bubble and box completed…or maybe rather it’s because if you’ve randomly landed on my blog and don’t know me personally, or if you knew me 10 years ago (I’ve changed quite a bit), I can provide you with a little context about me and where I’m coming from while you’re perusing my blog.

Primarily this blog is going to be about random thoughts because I am a very random guy.  Topics might range from politics, to sports, to current events, to movies, to cigars, to beer, to wine, and other completely random thoughts that pop in my head.  I can probably predict, fairly accurately, that for the time being most of the blogs will gravitate around theology as I am entering into a new area of my own personal beliefs about religion.  In my opinion it’s an improvement of my previously held beliefs.

As a disclaimer: I am not a fan of labels such as conservative, liberal, emergent, emerging, etc because the way I define a particular label might not be defined the same way by someone else in which chaos may ensue.  To give you an idea of where I am theologically you can of course read my blog and you’ll discover that my thoughts are ever-evolving and if you ever have a question about something I wrote feel free to reply.



One response to “About my abstract-linear thoughts that you’re about to subject yourself to reading.

  1. Aaron B. Reddin

    June 24, 2009 at 14:01

    hmm….this should be fun…it’s time to engage the blog!!!


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