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…until that day…

The following thoughts  and links are some of the things that have been on my facebook page recently about inclusivism and exclusivism and hell. They are not cogent thoughts; just snippets.

Leslie Newbigin quotes that bear repeating while considering new paradigms: (for a great book on paradigm shifts read Thomas Kuhn’s, “Structure of Scientific Revolutions”

“But we are now entering a postmodern period, a time in which the seemingly assured assumptions we have inherited from the Enlightenment are being deconstructed.”

“Secondly, the phrase “until that day” reminds us that this is not a claim to possess final truth but to be on the way that leads us to the fullness of truth.”

“It will mean that my understanding of the truth must be constantly open to revision and correction, but — and this is the crucial point — only and always within the irreversible commitment to Jesus Christ.

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An interesting quote and article about Billy Graham and his thoughts on exclusivism and inclusivism (which seems to be topic of the year with me)  It is a singular quote and article and not his full encompassing view on the subject.

I have often wondered if Hell is a terrible burning within our hearts for God, to fellowship with God, a fire that we can never quench.

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