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“Grading on the Wrong Curve”

Here’s another post by Mike Metzger Grading on the Wrong Curve. It speaks of entitlements, paradigms, worldviews, and the need for influencing culture with a Christianity that is compelling…come to think of it that’s most of Mike’s posts, but they’re always excellent.

As Christians we need to take an active role in shaping culture instead of evacuating culture only to prairie-dog* and to point our finger at what is “bad”. We need to be compelling and make a difference in the wider world instead of being disregarded or ignored by the wider world. For instance art is major player in shaping culture but much of  “Christian art” has been disregarded – in my opinion, more often than not, rightfully so because it paints a picture -figuratively – that does not capture the imagination of the wider world – it only speaks to a select few of a specified audience.  (note I do not use the term(s) “sacred/secular” world. There should not be a separation of sacred/secular)

*”prairie dog” is a fun term to use when working in a cubicle world (thankfully I do not work in a cube environment, but did in the past.)  If your office has cubicles and there is some sort of commotion you will see your co-workers act much like a prairie-dog and stick their head up to see what’s going on and then duck back down.

Enjoy the post!

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