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a superficial feeling of loss

Today I experienced a feeling that I haven’t experienced in almost two years.  A KU tournament loss.  No, this is not something of great importance in the grand scheme of things.   But it reminded me of the feeling I had experienced year after year after year after year…it’s the feeling of KU losing in the NCAA tournament which ends their season and then having to watch the loss replayed over and over again on espn’s sportscenter the next morning.  Last year I didn’t have to experience the dreadful feeling because we won both the Big 12 tournament and the NCAA tournament (national champs baby) .  I was in a state of euphoria last year!  I woke up to espn’s images of Mario Chalmers draining ‘Mario’s Miracle’ which pushed the game to overtime and us taking control of overtime and winning the national championship!

So the loss today in the Big 12 conference tournament against Baylor allowed me to appreciate not having to experience that dreary feeling last year…but I will regretfully have to experience it tomorrow morning when I wake up and face the music on espn.  But it also made me a little greedy in hoping we win the national championship again this year…do it for my healthy well-being KU!!

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