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R.S.S.D. Is An Embarrassing Disorder And It Could Be Effecting Millions of People


3 generations of Royals fans (front to rear): Greer (my son), Me, My Dad in an awesome 1985 Royals World Series Champions hat.

Ebola and EV-D68 are serious viruses. What I’m about to explain to you is not serious but could be embarrassing for a bit.

If you see me wearing shorts in November, yes AR weather normally will allow for shorts in November, this is because I’m suffering from a disorder that will soon be listed in the JAMA as an official disorder: RSSD – Royals Seasonal Shorts Disorder.

The cause of this disorder is because from 1990-2013 the Royals seasons were in essence over in May. May as we all know is the height of shorts season. So for the next couple months I might be a little confused about proper attire and being that I live in mild weather perpetuity I’m glad I won’t catch frost-bite. But I pray for my Royals-fans-friends who live in Kansas & Missouri where it actually gets cold.


More proof about this disorder: Never in the past 2 decades have the Royals been in contention to warrant carving a “Royals Pumpkin”, but here’s my amateur attempt…come to think of it…are there professional pumpkin carving attempts?

But for now I’ll spend some time relaxing before college football and college basketball get started in a few months…wait…KU basketball has a game on Monday?! Well this is just freaking awesome!

On a more serious note (ummm, that sounds way too serious) when the fog of the Game 7 loss lifts (things are seeming better day by day – I’m down to 3 bottles of bourbon per day to help numb the pain) I will have a blog post covering my family’s trip to Kauffman stadium this past July (the first picture in this post is from that trip), and in that same post I’ll some other final thoughts on this magical season. What an amazing season!

Go Royals!

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Don’t Let The Terrorists Win. #BeRoyal and Go Royals!!

Don’t Let The Terrorists Win. #BeRoyal and Go Royals!!
photo credit Shane Keyser, The Kansas City Star

photo credit Shane Keyser, The Kansas City Star

Go Royals!!

Go Royals!!

The time to not let the terrorists win has never been more important than now!! We must be responsible!!

How can you do your part for the betterment of…the Royals?!

Don’t drink beer from San Francisco!

If you drink one of these beers from San Francisco then the terrorists win…ok, I’ll stop with the exaggerated hyperbole (department of the redundancy department) but semi-seriously ———- during this awesome World Series – that we haven’t been to in 29 years(let alone the playoffs) it’s super important for us to be responsible with the beer choices we make!

What you drink matters. Stay thirsty my friends but be sure to drink a Kansas City beer! Boulevard is my beer of choice.



Go Royals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!











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