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“Eating Our Lunch”


This isn’t one of the posts I originally intended to post today but it has so much truth. I don’t have much more to add than what Mike Metzger says (link below). I think he hits the nail on the head…and his thoughts are in line with my continuing theme of how the church needs to think about if it’s solely striving for heaven in the clouds or if it’s also working to bring heaven to earth. By relegating itself to the “heavenly realm” the church has rendered itself insignificant in our present culture. The church “prairie dogs”. What does that
mean? It means the church sticks its head out of its hole in the ground to say what it is against or what it thinks is so wrong in our culture and then it scurries back into the whole – it withdraws from culture only to be heard from in regards to what it disagrees with.

If there was a person that popped in and out of your life only to tell you what’s wrong with your life would you listen to them? Probably not.

We as the church need to work for more relevancy in our culture; but that’s earned, not just given. We earn the right with our friends to speak into their lives, and vice versa.

Another quick analogy. I’m in sales. I believe the products and the service my company provides is better than my competitors but to get the doctors and nurses to use my company I have to build their trust and create rapport. I can’t just walk in, tell the doctor they’re using the wrong company, & they need to use me then walk out and expect them to use me. I show up and talk with them (not at them). I show up again. And again. And again. And after they start using my products I keep showing up; and I have doctors and nurses that I consider friends.

Will you keep showing up? Or will you choose to just prairie dog?

…thy kingdom come thy will be done on EARTH as it is in heaven.

Acts 17: 16-34
Romans 8: 18-25
Romans 15: 1-7

Eating Our Lunch

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