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Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton is who I will be throwing my full support behind should he decide to run for office to challenge Blanche Lincoln as U.S. Senator for Arkansas.  Maybe I’m overconfident but I think Cotton winning the primary is a foregone conclusion.  Regarding the primaries, there have been meetings that have reportedly taken place between possible ‘viable’ candidates outlining scenarios for the race…that and some of the potential candidates, on the never-ending GOP list, quite frankly are not viable candidates.  But Cotton is a guy you should get to know very well b/c if you live in AR he could be one of your next Senators.  I’ve included a couple links below that you can click at will to learn a bit more about Tom Cotton.  (sidenote – both of the authors of the articles are cool dudes – I’ve hung out with both in casual settings over a couple fine beverages and a also over a cigar)

quite possibly your next AR Senator

my potential senate candidate can kick your potential senate candidate's ass


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