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Dear Mother Nature, You Suck


Dear mother nature,
You suck.
Last week Topeka got 13″ of snow and yesterday in Topeka it was a high of 15 degrees with a wind chill below freezing, and today they have a possibility of more snow – that honestly sounds lovely to this Northerner.

Here are my complaints: This past Friday In little Rock we barely got 3″ of snow, and while it unfortunately, but not too surprisingly, and also somewhat humorously, to me, crippled our lovely city, all of that snow had already completely melted away as of Monday. No trace whatsoever – like it never even happened…except for the people who are still going to pick up their cars that they abandoned after getting stuck the evening of the semi-frozen-torrential-white-out which amounted to the previously mentioned whopping 3″. Three inches.


photo courtesy of LR Fire Dept – we drove up this hill past all the abandoned cars

Two nights ago…let me rephrase that…for the past 5 nights (prior to Tuesday) Little Rock meteorologists forecasted a possibility of 7″ of snow coming in on Tuesday; in a way such that seemed like they were promising a winter storm of biblical proportions…

…I was giddy with anticipation…I wanted to stay up all night to watch all the snow come down…but instead of 7″ we got zero snow, not even a dusting, nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

$5,000,000…wait, what’s that number you ask? That’s my estimated guess of the revenue of Kroger and local liquor stores from people stocking up on essentials to survive this potential apocalypse. They were the only people smiling along with me when the weathermen forecasted the 7″. But again you dashed my hopes.

Additionally, this weekend I’m going to visit my family in Topeka to celebrate my Mom’s birthday, and my Son’s first birthday. All this week in Topeka it’s supposed to be in the upper 40s and by Saturday you’re going to make it be 60 degrees?! C’mon, are you kidding me?! Hello moron, the snow will melt! But you’re well aware of this and you’re doing it on purpose. I know how you work. Thanks a lot. Sheesh.

The only good thing to come of the heat wave you’re sending Topeka this week is that hopefully it will melt the ice on my parent’s lake…


current picture of my Parents’ lake – yes there is a lake out there

…so we can have the Second Annual Blaylock/Wilson Polar Bear Plunge.



But I bet you’ll do something to kick me while I’m down.

Livid in Little Rock, and Tepid This Weekend in Topeka.

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